The Sleeping Ones- Thailand- Michel Ferra
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Our goal is to organize regular meetings and events with these groups around the city of Berlin in order to support local theatre companies, artists, and galleries. In this year’s edition, we will be holding our meeting and screening at the popular Carl Smith Gallery in Prenzlauer Berg.

Over the years many artists chose Prenzlauer Berg as their residence: the painter and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz, the early film maker Max Skladanowsky, the poets Adolf Endler, Annemarie Bostroem, and Heinz Kahlau, the theater director Christoph Schlingensief, the writers Jurek Becker, Bruno Apitz, Peter Hacks, Herbert Nachbar, Dieter Noll, Klaus Schlesinger, Klaus Kordon, Uwe Kolbe, Paul Alfred Kleinert, Florian Illies, Wladimir Kaminer, and Detlef Opitz, the sculptor Olaf Nicolai, the painters Cornelia Schleime, Elke Pollack, and Konrad Knebel, the photographers Thomas Florschuetz, Helga Paris, and Nicolaus Schmidt, the film director Tom Tykwer, the keyboardist Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, the playwright René Pollesch, the musicians Gerhard Schöne, Christian Lillinger, Nina Hagen, Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic) and Till Lindemann, (Rammstein), the actors Fredy Sieg, Eva-Maria Hagen, Heike Makatsch, Katharina Wackernagel, David Bennent, Daniel Brühl, August Diehl, Kurt Krömer and Matthias Schweighöfer, the comic-strip artist Flix, as well as the TV- and radio presenters Hans Rosenthal, Alfred Biolek, Sarah Kuttner, Sandra Maischberger and Benjamin Tewaag.

Our screening site is in an area rich in shops, restaurants, bars, culture, and points of interest. If you happen to be in Berlin, join us for our summer party at the end of July. We’ll meet, have a drink, and show a list of all the films at the festival.

A selection of the monthly winning documentaries and films will be presented at the annual screening, which will be held at selected spots in Berlin related to the arts and culture.